QBI conference is a bioimaging conference, centered on quantitative aspects of different imaging techniques. We presented our work during a 15 minutes presentation and with a poster.

Here are some videos that completes the poster. If you want to obtain original files without watermark for a presentation or a course, feel free to leave a comment or send a mail (mail icon in the footer).

3D stacks

In-depth stack of a 26-days-old retinal organoid

3D reconstruction of the same 26-days-old organoid

Timelapse (in the same locked plane)

Timelapse of a 26-day-old organoid during 3 hours

Timelapse of a 29-day-old organoid during 3 hours

Corneal wound healing

Timelapse of a corneal wound healing on a retina

Wound healing

Processed data: migration map velocity and direction - (a) Scheme of the cornea highlighting the layers - (b) Migration map with velocity colorcoded - (c) Migration map with the direction colorcoded

Macaque retina

Macaque retina Dynamic images of a macaque retina layers (RPE is from cell culture)