I am currently working at the Wyss Center in Geneva as a software engineer for bio-imaging applications.

Before that I was working on my PhD at Institut Langevin in Paris under the supervision of Prof. Mathias Fink, Prof. Claude Boccara and Dr. Kate Grieve. My main research interest was to develop dynamic full-field optical coherence tomography and to apply it for retinal imaging in vivo. Before my PhD I studied physics (major), chemistry and biology (minors) and obtained my engneering diploma (MSc level) at ESPCI Paris and then studied applied mathematics (machine learning and computer vision) and obtain my advanced MSc at Ecole Normale Supérieure.

Aside from my professional interests which gravitate around imaging and artificial intelligence I devote a great amount of time to climbing (the cover image is the summit of a 600m climb in the south of France) and reading crime novels. I also enjoy brewing and play board games, one of my favorite being Scythe.