I am currently doing my PhD at Institut Langevin in Paris under the supervision of Mathias Fink, Claude Boccara and Kate Grieve. My main research interest is to improve the dynamic full-field optical coherence tomography and to be able to apply it for retinal imaging.

My background is somewhat atypical, I enrolled in a physics major’s degree (with minor chemistry and biology courses) at ESPCI Paris. During my internships I was more and more interested in signal processing and I felt like I could still learn a lot on that field. So I decided to follow a master’s degree in machine learning and computer vision before starting my PhD.

Aside from my professional interests which gravitate around imaging and artificial intelligence I devote a great amount of time to climbing (the cover image is the summit of a 600m climb in the south of France) and reading crime novels. I also enjoy brewing and play board games, one of my favorite being Scythe.